Movies with a strong experience

The Serpent Gift

premiere 2019
  • director: Ask Hasselbach
  • screenplay: Soren Frellesen
  • cinematography: Niels Reedtz Johnasen
In the half-real, half-fantastic world of dragons, sea snakes and witches, we meet the character of Dina and her family, who set off for their life journey. There is an antagonist character of a power-hungry dragon king Drakan, who is conquering the world and terrorizes the inhabitants of the Skay Sagis peninsula. "The story will take us on an adventurous journey into the medieval world of fantasy. It is a half-real, half-fantastic mythical world featuring Tolkien-like dragons, sea snakes, witches, sorcerers, tyranny and murders..."

Shadow Country

premiere 2020

The first grand historical film of a renowned director Bohdan Sláma, awarded with the Czech Lion awards, screenplay by Ivan Arsenjev.

The Shadow Country tells a story of people in a small town of Schwarzwald, dragged by history through the events of 30's and 40's of the last century.

How to reconcile with killings committed by your own neighbors? How to face growing evil that nobody stands against? What can human will overcome and what is the value of humility and hope?

Bohdan Sláma is shooting on negative and in black and white. The Shadow Country is an incredibly topical film full of powerful stories that you must see on a big screen.

  • director: Bohdan Sláma
  • screenplay: Ivan Arsenjev
  • cinematography: Diviš Marek

The Proud Princess

premiere 2022
  • director: Radek Beran
  • screenplay: Radek Beran
  • art director: Jan Rybář

Punished pride is one of the most beautiful Czech fairy tales by Božena Němcová. No wonder the most successful Czech comedy of all times was based on it. The Proud Princess.

This Bořivoj Zeman's film undoubtedly belongs to the golden fund of Czech post-war cinematography. The fairy tale is regularly shown and some parts have become a folklore.

The circumstances around the time of making the film and the fact that it's in black and white pose a certain barrier to viewers, especially the youngest generation.

That is why we are making an animated remake. An attractive, great fairy tale for today's child and adult viewer.

The End of the World

premiere 2021

The end of the world is an original story told by uncle Igor, a son of Russian aristocrats, and his nine-year-old grandson Tonda. A powerful story from complicated times around 1968.

It is a story full of contrasts: Whether it is the relation between what grandpa's plentiful life entails and Tonda's imminent children's presence, or between poetry and fine humor and dramatic situations of military occupation. Or generally between everyday worries of a person and the pressure of great history.

On grandpa's life-story, mapping a big part of the 20th century traumas, one can see how much an individual's fate depends on the movement and changes of history. And how much one can defy it and maintain inner firmness and integrity. Or perhaps just dear life.

  • director: Ivan Zachariáš
  • screenplay: Ivan Arsenjev
  • cinematography: Jan Velický

Crime on the Right Track

premiere 2022
  • screenplay: Rudolf Merkner

Distinctive, thrilling and humorous stories inspired by real cases, presented by an ever-bickering couple – an experienced old-school detective Šaňo Faktor and a young careless extroverted Jirka Hadrbolec.

They're like water and fire. While Šaňo is a former policeman, who can analyze a situation perfectly and knows that most cases relate to people's weaknesses, Jirka dives in head first and sometimes choses unusual methods, which are successful though.

Crime on the Right Track is a light-hearted series for a broad viewer group. It follows from the best tradition of Czech series making. 13 episodes of thrill, humor and surprising twists.

A Well

  • diretor: Peter Bebjak
  • screenplay: Miro Šifra

Gradual voluntary isolation of a family from the outside world results in them killing each other. A father, mother and son have conflicts with the community of a small town near Prague, where they live. They gradually isolate themselves in their house. They build a high wall to protect them from the outside. Their relationships are headed to a dead end.

The story climaxes with the father's decision to take his loved ones "to eternal peace". He kills the mother and forces his son to commit suicide. After a fight with his father, the son is thrown down a well, but survives. The story exactly follows the real events according to witnesses, investigators and the victims' relatives.

A Boutique in Paris street

  • diretor: Jaroslav Fuit
  • screenplay: Jan a Kateřina Gardnerovi

How do the men from romantic comedies do it? One sugary gesture and she's in your arms?

Tereza and her mother do business in fashion shoes in the iconic city of Zlín. Tereza decides to open a boutique at the most luxury address in the country – the Pařížská street in Prague. In the meantime, her marriage is crumbling.

Her husband pretends to have an erotic affair to tear her away from her workaholic lifestyle and draw attention to himself. But she takes it dead serious and Jakub must suddenly start getting her back. Taking his friend's advice, he goes about it by mimicking scenes from romantic comedies. It works differently in real life and it triggers a series of unexpected situations. Thanks to his ardor, however, Tereza realizes his love and takes him back.

Love for Self-Taught

  • screenplay: dle knihy Báry Šťastné

You're still as insecure and confused at 40 as when you were 18, only it isn't so cute anymore.

New life, new men. So why do I feel like an old cow? A manual of a nice girl to survive in the world of digital dating. How does dating differ at 18 and at 40? Barely, actually. Klára finds out when her marriage ends overnight and she finds herself again in the unpredictable world of singles. She has a few catastrophic dates, first time in her life she finds how Tinder, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram dating works, and that online bloopers are just as embarrassing as the real ones. Story based on a book bestseller by Bára Štastná

Jindřich Motýl, MBA
JUDr. Martin Růžička